Coal – the Fire Sprite ?>

Coal – the Fire Sprite


Coal is a great many things, capricious, dependable, impatient and childlike, he is all these things and so much more. Cherry red when filthy happy and more often than not, mischievous for he is the embodiment of playing the jester. But you have to watch out, for Coal is also easily offended. To say, that it’s a bad idea to upset a fire sprite would be an understatement, his silver tears although beautiful to behold, thick liquid molten drops can melt holes in stone and flesh.

This little man is perfect in every delicate feature and when he stands very straight and still (which by the way is not very often) is a delightful 4 inches.

It is often noted that the garb of a Fire Sprite can sometimes lend itself to the ridiculous, for Coal this criticism is aimed at the little fellows shoes. Pointed, purple shoes, one of a kind and he loves them almost as much as he loves, his friend and protector, Brar.

The life of a fire sprite is a simple one, follow the sun and by doing so, live. Red and happy, pink and poorly, wet and dead, it’s quite simple, isn’t it? The bubbling hot fireball, we call the- sun is his God, his life source. You see, it’s a scary lot for a fire sprite, always having to keep out of the rain; ‘in fact’ getting wet period is a fatal error. For water kills a fire sprite as quick as a wink.

This darling little man, and I have to admit that he is a favourite of mine, and is nearly every waking minute, wickedly out spoken.
Being one of Tarkeenia’s children, and fey by nature, Coal has the unique talent of twinking. To explain twinking I will give you an example, let’s say Coal is standing on a rock, with the intention to sun bake the day away. Now as he settles down for a nap, he hears a noise. A loud growling sound and of course, the little man becomes frightened. One minute, he’s sitting on the rock, head tipped to one side, and then all of a sudden he is gone. Disappearing, leaving nothing but a sizzling trail of steam, then with a nasal laugh, he reappears a few seconds later, on the branch of a nearby tree.

How can you not love this little fellow?



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