Beouf Bourguignon with Baguette Dumplings ?>

Beouf Bourguignon with Baguette Dumplings

Beouf Borg

This is a superb dish and well worth creating. It does not take very long to put together and everyone will dig in for an extra serve.

If you have a pot that can be used on the stovetop as well as in the oven this is ideal.

Cooking Time: 3-3.5 hours
(Slow cook is better still)
Preparation Time: 1 hour

Beouf Bourguignon

900 grms cut into 6 large chunks of Beef Shin (works better than small cubes. Meat will be tender)
2 tbspns of Flour
2 tbspns Oil
150 grms of Smokey Bacon (Speck) – This is optional is you do not wish a strong smokey taste to the dish
Whole Baby Onions
Clove of garlic
10 Cracked black peppercorns
Sprig of Rosemary, sprig of Thyme and a Bay leaf
Tied bunch of Parsley Stalks
500 mls of good drinking Red Wine
150 mls of water
1 tspn of Salt
1 tspn of Sugar
1 tbpn of Tomato Paste

boeuf bourguignon

Coat beef shin with flour and sear the beef with oil to brown on both sides (it brings out the sugars in the meat making it more flavoursome) Remove from the pot to a dish.

In the pot add slices of smokey bacon and whole onions, clove of garlic, cracked black peppercorns cook for a few mins. (The burnt, crunchy bits in the bottom of the pan help add flavour to the dish) Add you herbs. Place meat back into the pot, then add Red Wine and water. Add salt, sugar, parsley stalks and tomato paste. Place the lid on and place in 180C oven for 3 hours.

Put in chopped mushrooms last min to stop them from going soggy.


Baguette DumplingsBaguette Dumplings

Old baguette
Handful of fresh parsley leaves
250 mls of warm milk
Pinch of salt and pepper
Nutmeg for seasoning
1 Egg
1 tbspn of flour

 An old baguette will work better for the dumplings.

Slice baguette into cubes and place in a bowl, add parsley, warm milk (the staleness stops it all going to mush) Add salt and pepper, nutmeg and egg. Add flour. When mixed together, squash it up into golf ball sized dumplings.

Heat butter in a pan and cook on each side till they crisp up nicely – 5 mins.

Serve Beouf Bourguignon with Baguette Dumplings together.

(If you don’t wish to make dumplings, use mash potato or whole boiled potatoes)


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