Drakite, the dark god ?>

Drakite, the dark god


Fickle, capricious, proud, all-powerful, judging, arrogant, lovely and the list could go on, for what are gods unto anything else born. For are they not the creators, responsible for naught, but their own desires, their own selfish needs? Do such entities have a conscious and if so, do we mere mortals play a part in that thinking?

Drakite is a god, the blackest and darkest of such beings. To the core, Drakite’s only thought is for himself and the mad scheme’s he has in play. To undermine his siblings, achieving a destructive end is forever the game. Never caring who is used or gets hurt along the way. Such is the darkness as it creeps into steal the light.

His brother, Emanon may have created monsters to stalk the common world his siblings consider their playground, but Drakite secretly builds his own, an army of terror. Winged, faceless creatures who thrive on negative emotions and upon his bidding will decimate at will.

Taking on the form of a skeletal human, Drakite the dark god created the human race and using some as slaves in his Halls of Abeleaque, plots and bides his time. There must be a way to squash what everyone else desires, which is to keep Tarkeenia alive, to build a common cause between his ever bickering family. Not for this one, his happiness only lies in the woe of others.

After all, what good is it if you are a god and can’t do want you want? Well – at least that’s how he sees it.

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