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Drakite, the dark god ?>

Drakite, the dark god

  Fickle, capricious, proud, all-powerful, judging, arrogant, lovely and the list could go on, for what are gods unto anything else born. For are they not the creators, responsible for naught, but their own desires, their own selfish needs? Do such entities have a conscious and if so, do we mere mortals play a part in that thinking? Drakite is a god, the blackest and darkest of such beings. To the core, Drakite’s only thought is for himself and the…

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Kitty – half cast Speck/Human ?>

Kitty – half cast Speck/Human

Specks are creatures, who love nothing more than to eat, for their addiction to blood and flesh is forever a nagging constant, which if not satisfied will undoubtedly end in more than tears. It leads to certain death. Feeding on flesh and blood, a Speck has no choice but gouge after a hunt to ease the swelling of their belly and the crippling pain their addiction causes. For one such character, the loss of this addiction brings self-loathing and it…

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Quaverit the Stork Man ?>

Quaverit the Stork Man

  Quaverit – pronounced (Quar-ver-it) is a Murdock, and if asked what he favoured as his better half, he would be sure to tell you it is being part Stork. Not the human part, but the bird, for you see he loves his feathers. Bright white feathers that adorn his head in a plume of rippling glory and of course, we can’t forget those tail feathers  –  that stand out proudly from a hole in his pants. Quaverit is proud…

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Small as you feel when your not here to see Alone to contend in my sweet love misery So, cradle my eyes on this cloud hidden day Love me ………………………. I always knew without ever realising The awakening would again stir inside Passion unending in quickening smiles Please stay and hold me Your hand upward and turned speaks lies In an instance of touching you sigh Milk stained lilies rest lightly om the sill Love me ……………. I always knew…

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Steampunk – More than Goggles and Gears / Steve DeWinter ?>

Steampunk – More than Goggles and Gears / Steve DeWinter

  I wish to thank Steve DeWinter for his very thorough and must read article on a subject that has me most curious. It is a genre, that I believe would be a challenge to tackle for any writer. Readers of steampunk fiction fall into two categories. Those, who read steampunk fiction and those who have never heard about steampunk fiction. You might be asking yourself right now, ‘Why haven’t I heard about steampunk fiction?’ Well, a search on the…

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Ingot the Mar ?>

Ingot the Mar

Ingot had always been full of jealousy, it wasn’t the nagging kind but it smoldered nonetheless inside her imaginary heart.  An immortal she may be, a sibling to Drakite – the Dark God and Atheria, a child of the light, but Ingot the Mar, was since her creation nothing other than a sulky, child. And despite all of her efforts to conform, poor Ingot still felt that she had to show them. This imaginary heart most definitely childlike swayed her…

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Moorling ?>


  A Moorling is a very lonely entity, having no family or friends, neighbors or a community of such to depend upon. It has no shape or form, or substance for it is neither, man or beast. I will endeavor to explain, in the best way I can of what exactly a Moorling is with a tale of sorts – A shifting shape of colour and light played amongst the treetops, its form changing to suit its will. How it…

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Bulbo – the Colliery Officious Pen Pusher ?>

Bulbo – the Colliery Officious Pen Pusher

  In my story, I see Dwarves very differently to other writers I am sure, to me they are slightly more comical, an endearing quality that makes me smile whenever I put pen to paper. Peel the layers back and this is what you find, capitalism meets country bumpkin. Throw in a compulsive disorder and you get – Bulbo, the Colliery Officious Pen Pusher.  (Just a fancy word for a clerk of the highest order) For a dwarf the most…

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Kahlu – the Mage ?>

Kahlu – the Mage

  We all have in our time crossed paths with people like this, false and full of such self-importance, that being in the same, room with someone like that is a test in itself, of just how patient you can be. Kalhu, the Mage is one such individual, set to take the High Councilor’s chair once old Juno steps down.  He’s the epitome of a fool, whose only daily concern besides self-gain, is his looks. The best of clothes, loads…

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Coal – the Fire Sprite ?>

Coal – the Fire Sprite

  Coal is a great many things, capricious, dependable, impatient and childlike, he is all these things and so much more. Cherry red when filthy happy and more often than not, mischievous for he is the embodiment of playing the jester. But you have to watch out, for Coal is also easily offended. To say, that it’s a bad idea to upset a fire sprite would be an understatement, his silver tears although beautiful to behold, thick liquid molten drops…

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Master Sniff’s Ferret Men ?>

Master Sniff’s Ferret Men

Master Sniff’s cherry fellows as I like to dub them, are at times also referred to as the cheery chaps or merry fellows. In this, story a group of four marches with pride and weapons under the orders of the Rat Man. As to be expected they are half Murdock and half Ferret. Thieves and long time smugglers, these Ferret Men revel in the employment of Master Sniff and his lucrative business dealings. Of course, they are guilded, like all…

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Litila – Forest Fey / Warrior ?>

Litila – Forest Fey / Warrior

You couldn’t call Litila beautiful for she far surpasses the word and any other that offer a flaterring tone to the sublime; to look upon her fair face is to call even the sun dull. Her connection to Tarkeenia, along with every other living Fey is bound by Wild Magic, in life she willful and proud, ethereal full of purpose. Imagine if you will, a woman who physique carries all the right curves in all the places and with it…

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List of Books to Read ?>

List of Books to Read

Book Title                               Author Wheel of Time series –  Robert Jordon / Fantasy The Wheel of Time The Eye of the World The Great Hunt The Dragon Reborn The Shadow Rising The Fires of Heaven Lord of Chaos A Crown of Swords The Path of Daggers Winters Heart Crossroads of Twilight Knife of Dreams The Gathering Storm New Spring The Liveship Series – Robin Hobb /…

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The Death of a Nightingale ?>

The Death of a Nightingale

  By a Lover’s hand in the early light the sun burnt throne laid waste Take heed she cried of the Riders Four for a debt of blood make haste Call now for the one with Ancient Grace ……………. Three times he’ll bow with fingers spread to touch the fabled chimes Three times he’ll kneel on the open ground to the one who now must wed Stake a claim once more for the soldiers sword Stake a claim once more…

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