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Ingot the Mar

Ingot had always been full of jealousy, it wasn’t the nagging kind but it smoldered nonetheless inside her imaginary heart.  An immortal she may be, a sibling to Drakite – the Dark God and Atheria, a child of the light, but Ingot the Mar, was since her creation nothing other than a sulky, child. And despite all of her efforts to conform, poor Ingot still felt that she had to show them.

This imaginary heart most definitely childlike swayed her thinking and ruled her world, so it was only natural for this God to take on the physical form of a child, that is whenever the mood took hold. Petulant, beautiful and of course, like all children, Ingot gave into the constant brooding tantrums that went with it. She would stamp a tiny foot, go bright red in the face and best of all, she would throw things. Snapping her fingers to produce exquisite pieces of glass figurines, she would, without so much as a snippet of regret hurl the precious treasures at whatever, or whoever it was she felt mad at. Most of all, and for the better part of her existence Ingo loved to cause mischief.

The birthing of a new world, Tarkeenia also called the Known World was such a coup for this childlike God. Such trouble she could cause, widening the rifts between brothers and sisters, as she sat happily by while they pulled it apart due to her mischief making, Still, tears put aside Ingot wasn’t really, happy. She was rather lonely, for the others kept their distance, and how could you blame them, since every word and every action bought them trouble.

Ingot the Mar, Father’s favourite and for this title, for his paternal approval, she would do anything. With his blazing eyes, Father could turn a child of his to ash, to exist no more was more than just a deterrent, it was final but not even that fate could deter her, for the need to gain his affection was everything. So, when he had walked in the Hall that day, disapproval blazing on his ethereal face, she knew right then and there what she had to do. She would make them pay, for their cold snubbing and eons of distance. Ingot would use their created children, Tarkeenia and anything else she could lay her manipulative ways on, to make her Father proud.

Three and a half feet tall, tight golden curls bobbed away with each step as she sought to cross the boundaries from her world to that of Tarkeenia’s, but the way was barred. That was until one night, a fateful event happened, a rare occurrence indeed, for the Pata Batu (Tarkeenia’s moon – two oscillating halves of pure magic came together, creating a whole moon, giving Ingot the chance to step on through).

The Moon was a thing of Wild Magic, a safe guard given to Tarkeenia by Father as a measure of holding all that magic in one place.

Tonight she would thwart her dark brother’s plans, tipping the balance of Tarkeenia to fall in ruins about her pretty, tiny feet. With a giggle, stifled by a perfect hand over perfect lips she walked on through. Let the fun begin.


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