Kahlu – the Mage ?>

Kahlu – the Mage


We all have in our time crossed paths with people like this, false and full of such self-importance, that being in the same, room with someone like that is a test in itself, of just how patient you can be.

Kalhu, the Mage is one such individual, set to take the High Councilor’s chair once old Juno steps down.  He’s the epitome of a fool, whose only daily concern besides self-gain, is his looks. The best of clothes, loads of jewelry and if your thinking, lends itself to the attaching of bling to his accessories, then you’re spot on the money. Always the best food and wine, for Kahlu was the sort of person who needed to get one up on everyone.

He’s the sort you can’t trust, no matter how much you want to, and given that his nickname is the ‘Peacock’, you can well imagine the pomp and pageantry of his entry into a room. It is a little wonder, that his peers scorn him with nasty taunts.

Kahlu is a thin man, to the point of looking unhealthy. Gaunt and pale was not in any way complimentary but you as the old saying goes, you can dress up a turd anyway you want, but in the end, it’s still just a turd. I know that I am painting a dismal picture of this character but it is, what it is.

There are some, who when going bald, but still having enough hair they can’t help but sweep it from one side to the other, Kahlu’s was one of those men. He lives in denial about the reality of what he’s see in the mirror.

He wasn’t an old man, middle aged always wanting more than he had, reaching out to take and take. Kalhu was just a sad version of someone trying to attain a position for himself, which he hoped would lead to some form of recognition. So, I suppose that in vying for this dream, his personality just kept getting in the way. You could persuade yourself to feel sorry for him, but at the end of every day and on the back of every decision, Kahlu knows what he is doing, for manipulation comes as easily to this type of man, as does breathing.


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