Kitty – half cast Speck/Human ?>

Kitty – half cast Speck/Human

Specks are creatures, who love nothing more than to eat, for their addiction to blood and flesh is forever a nagging constant, which if not satisfied will undoubtedly end in more than tears. It leads to certain death. Feeding on flesh and blood, a Speck has no choice but gouge after a hunt to ease the swelling of their belly and the crippling pain their addiction causes. For one such character, the loss of this addiction brings self-loathing and it haunts every decision she makes.

Alabaster skin stretched tight over bone and coiled muscle, the Speck lives in gloom during the daylight hours and in the evenings, when it is cool and quiet it will hunt anything with a pulse to sate the pain and frenzy. Two rows of needle sharp teeth makes short work of their prey and although they have no eyes to see with the pulsating pink strip of skin, that sits in their place pushes in and out in a rhythm to match their beating heart.

The ability to curl up into tight spaces, whether it be on the roof line or in a dark holes comes about from having bones that can dislocate and the sticky pads on palms and the soles of their feet makes climbing walls and ceilings easy. They are monsters to the tips of their toes.

Kitty is a half-cast and like her twin brother lives in the Nest, for the nest, considering herself a protector, a giver of life. Born of Speck and human this character has more characteristics, which reflects her human mother than that of her Speck parent. At sixteen years of age, she is the budding beauty young womanhood. Therefore, Kitty lacks the double row of teeth all true Specks are born with she can walk tall in the sunlight and cannot crawl for the want of it. Never will she traverse the walls and ceiling like the rest.

Despising her human half, making her wish that she was all Speck, Kitty strives to be better than what she is. Athletic, ferocious, clever and full of purpose she believes that she can, despite the handicap of her birth succeed to erase what she is most ashamed of.

She loves her father, who ironically they call Father and her brother, Hi’ayman the seer of the Nest. It doesn’t matter that he is more Speck than she. It is her temper and pride, which will hinder her ability to accept who and what she is, it will no doubt get in the way of personal ambition. So, as far as monster go – Kitty is a vision of beauty and as deadly as a sharp blade. Beware of this character, but most of all how can you not but love her.

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