Quaverit the Stork Man ?>

Quaverit the Stork Man


Quaverit – pronounced (Quar-ver-it) is a Murdock, and if asked what he favoured as his better half, he would be sure to tell you it is being part Stork. Not the human part, but the bird, for you see he loves his feathers. Bright white feathers that adorn his head in a plume of rippling glory and of course, we can’t forget those tail feathers  –  that stand out proudly from a hole in his pants.

Quaverit is proud of his standing with the Royal family of Kinaloch, the capital and namesake of the Murrdock realm. His office of chamberlain satisfies his compulsive disorder of having everything just so. The cleaning and conducting of a royal’s life is most satisfying. It may seen all a little tedious for some, but not for Quaverit.

Picture him, as you will, a very thin, tall Murdock, with bouts of flurried movements whenever he’s feeling stressed. With very long legs and a thin neck, Quaverit finds fitting in rather difficult, so self-conscious is he of his self-image. Soft downy hair covers the rest of his human looking body and a longish nose serves to finish it all off. Its’ not a wonder, he holds true to the pomp and ceremony that serves to cover up his own failings.

But as far as he is concerned, the badge of his office makes up for it all, a much-envied chain of gold with its shiny royal pendant, a bling like no other. It is to be envied amongst the other servants, and when he is wearing this fantastic piece of jewellery, he at least feels worthy of being Quaverit, the Royal Chamberlain. Proudly draped over the front of his bright blue vest, that sits snuggly over the top of a pale blue shirt and pants. It all makes up the uniform of a days worth of work and I am sure you can see by now just how important that is to a Stork Man like Quaverit.


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