Master Sniff’s Ferret Men ?>

Master Sniff’s Ferret Men

Master Sniff’s cherry fellows as I like to dub them, are at times also referred to as the cheery chaps or merry fellows. In this, story a group of four marches with pride and weapons under the orders of the Rat Man. As to be expected they are half Murdock and half Ferret.

Thieves and long time smugglers, these Ferret Men revel in the employment of Master Sniff and his lucrative business dealings. Of course, they are guilded, like all good thieves, answering to the summons of the Silent Man when they are called upon. Giving him a fistful of gold as a token of the call, it’s a way to keep a member loyal, at least that’s what the Silent Man says.

Everything about these Murrdocks could be called sharp: it’s a useful word when one is describing them. Narrow faces with narrow jaws, narrow noses that stick out sharply on their long faces. Yes, everything was thin and sharp. A Ferret Man’s head is cropped with short, fine hair that extends down his long narrow neck to erupt in plentitude over the rest of his body. Hard eyes, sharp teeth and long thin fingers which itch in happiness whenever they’re asked to fight, how they love a good scrum.

Take Ferret Man One for example, and yes they answer to their given number for it was their mam who had called them as such. It has never occurred to them to change it, there were sillier names out there anyhow – Fluff, Poppet or one of many other stupid labels indicating what you could be called.  So, for them it was Ferret Man One, Two, Three and Four: a name or a number it didn’t matter you see for not one of them liked upsetting their mam. She had a heavy hand when she thought they were getting out of line, so these skinny creatures stuck with the numbers and got on with it.

There are a couple of very important facts that must be touched on when talking about a Ferret Man. Loyalty for one and of course, the mention that they don’t come cheap. You can’t buy off a Ferret Man, his loyalty is to his guild and the contract and Master Sniff’s pocket’s ran very deep.

Skilled in weaponry, whether it be sword, knives or a bow, a Ferret Man is worth his weight in gold. Master Sniff knows this for a fact so he looks after his merry fellows and they in turn look after him. It’s a happy partnership in all and at the end, no matter what the story, the plan is to finish up as rich as they can be.


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